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I have the happiest customers! Don't take my word for it. I always give my prospective customers a reference sheet with the last 30 or so consecutive jobs (not just three or four choice references). Call any or all of them! Ask them and see why they will never hire another painter again.

I will be your painter for life and that is a promise! Once you hire me, you will never want to hire another painter again…EVER! 

Talent & Artisanship - My first boss told me that I was a natural and that I was very talented, so I ran with it... I honed my skills and acquired new ones as I went along. Today my customers tell me “you take pride in your work” or “You're not a're an artist” or “You must love what you do!” and you know what? I do and I am honored to be recognized by my customers in this way!

I am always on the job...always! The number one complaint homeowners have about contractors is that the owner was there at the beginning of the job to pick up the deposit and at the end when it was time to pick up the last payment. At Marshall Painting that will never be a concern for you because I am always on the job.

I am Super Efficient! I got my training in a part of the country that experienced a housing boom. I learned from the very best in the industry. It was simple; if you were not quick, efficient and really good at what you do, you just did not make any money, period!  

In the northeast it seems that, well, maybe you need to be good, but you most certainly do not need to be efficient. I’m glad I brought my smart working habits with me. That's what makes me stick out from the rest!

Always Immaculate - I treat your house like it’s mine. You will never see a drop of paint on your floors or where it shouldn't be. All of your floors and furniture are covered as soon as I enter your home on day one and we leave your home like we found it.

Unbelievable Product Knowledge! Knowing which products to use and when to use them is imperative to achieving maximum performance and effect. knowing the products I use has always been just as important to me as honing my skills.