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Our Wallpaper Removal and Installation Contractor in Watchung, NJ Gives Walls a Makeover.

Whether you’re a renter or have just moved into your new home, it’s no fun having to put up with boring wallpaper or colors you don’t like. With Marshall Painting & Services, you no longer need to. Our local business has a professional wallpaper removal and installation contractor in Watchung, NJ, on staff who is ready to help you make your walls yours. We’re licensed and insured with over 20 years of industry experience working with all materials for both homes and businesses. Call us for free estimates on removing the old and outdated wallpaper, putting up a brand new one, or both.

Our fabric wallpaper installer offers an affordable and temporary alternative to its more permanent counterpart. Fabric is easy and quick to remove in a clean manner, making it perfect for renters and offices. Better yet, it resists mold to help keep your interior healthy. The Marshall Painting & Services team can put up any fabric wallpaper for you to ensure it fits your wall perfectly. By entrusting it to our experts, you’ll know that everyone who gets on a ladder has the training and skills to stay safe.